Muktinath : This Sanskrit name itself has religious overtone and a sort of emotional ring to it for the devout Hindus. The name is synthesis of two words Mukti and Nath. Mukti means Salvation or Nirvana and Nath mean god or Master. Mukti Holds grate significance for all spiritual people in the south Asian sub continent. Kailash Mansarovar, Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, Kailash Parikrama 2021, Kailash Parikrama, kailash parvat parikrama, kailash mansarovar tour, mount kailash tour, kailash parvat, manasarovar tour packages, kailash yatra cost, adi kailash, kailash mansarovar parikrama, mansarovar parikrama, mt kailash parikrama.Muktinath is an important pilgrimage place for both Hindu & Buddhist. The holy shrine at Muktinath is in a grove of trees and includes a Buddhist Gompa and the pagoda style temple of Vishnu Temple, Containing an Image of Vishnu.
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